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Welcome to LCGS

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd - Eau Claire, WI

We truly believe that we are a congregation for our neighbor. We choose to walk alongside each and every one of our neighbors in the phase of life that they are in.It goes back to our beginnings as a congregation that was planted in the Upper Westside Neighborhood of Eau Claire, but it also looks ahead to the new understanding of our neighborhood in the 21st century.

It is our hope and mission as a church that each person feels known, seen, and loved by God and by us. We realize that as people of faith we bring a lot of baggage to the table, and all of that baggage has a story attached to it. We believe that stories are a huge part of what makes us who we are, and to be known is to have your story shared on your own time. We also understand that it takes time to grasp our own stories. That is where being seen comes into the picture.

We see each person for who God made them to be, whether their stories are known or not, we know that it begins with being claimed as a child of God. That is how we see one another.

Once we’ve realized that each person has their own story, and is seen as the image of God, they are loved.It’s difficult to see the image of God in our neighbors and not love them. That is what God is calling us to be in the world. The living embodiment of God’s grace in action.

Being known, seen, and loved by God and by us is wonderful, but the real mission of this statement and for us as people of faith is that these things apply to each person.

Each person that comes into Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd is known.

Each neighbor of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd is seen.

Each partner of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd is loved.

We realize that each person is who God made them to be. Each person has their own story, and each person is loved by God and by us.

Curious About LCGS?

We are a community of faith that seeks out what God is doing in the world, and we join in. Our faith is built around a belief in God made known to us in Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit.

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We invite you to worship with us at 9 a.m. on Sundays and to Faith Formation and Fellowship time at 10:00. Our confirmation students meet on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45 p.m.

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Here at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, there are endless opportunities to become involved in our neighborhood church.

  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Testimonials
    The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd is a part of me. I joined this church while attending middle school...I convinced my parents to change churches because I had a good friend attending here (and all the cool people went to this church)! I was confirmed and married here. My children were baptized here, my daughter married here and my Mom’s celebration of life was in a place she loved so much. I’ve made life-long friends, made a huge impact on the community, and felt loved and supported within these walls. I feel the Holy Spirit when I walk into this place, and I leave feeling like I’ve been hugged.
    Lynn Salter
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Testimonials
    42 years! That is the amount of time members of my family have been members at The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. I was raised in this Church, did my first Communion here, got Confirmed here and was married here! Now my wife Jodi and I and our three kids Camdyn, Chloe and Carsyn are all active members at Good Shepherd. It is so awesome raising our kids in the same church that I grew up in. Getting to share so many memories of growing up here and watching our kids make their own memories here has been a blessing. Having a Pastor like Josh leading the way with his wife and kids makes it a true family Church. We can’t wait to see what the future Of Good Shepherd holds!
    Matt Risen
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Testimonials
    At Good Shepherd, it's the people that matter. Not just the elders, but all people even the little ones! This is proven by our Pastor! He too has little ones and at times the little's may not be on their best behavior during a worship service, but that doesn't stop Pastor Josh, he just rolls along with whatever antics the little's are doing and makes parents feel right at home. At times even picking up your little one, while not missing a beat during the sermon, and helping calm them down or allowing the littles to dance during the songs in the aisles. We enjoy being a part of the Good Shepherd family!
    The Johnson Family
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Testimonials
    I joined Good Shepherd nearly 50 years ago. After visiting other Lutheran churches in town I found Good Shepherd the most warm and inviting. I still get that feeling every time I step into the building. Good Shepherd members have become my family. I cherish their love and support.
    Lois Stolts
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Testimonials
    As we thought bout Good Shepherd, this song came to me as a hymn we sang: My Church, My Church, My Dear Old Church... For 65 years now I have been a member of Good Shepherd, serving the Lord with gladness and always encouraged by, and thankful for friends in Christ, that have made our church full of God's love and joy for all ages. Still serving him and singing praises to, my Dear Old Church...
    Verna Gunderson
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Testimonials
    One of the things we love the most about Good Shepard is how involved our kids are in the services. It is such a kid-friendly church! The first time we came to Good Shepherd all of the children were invited to run around the congregation and collect loose change and dollars from anyone willing to donate to the wishing well. That money is used to support the community and the youth programs. It was something I had never seen in all my years of going to church and really drew us in as a family. My children get excited to go to church because they feel so included and important.
    Shelby Sivertson

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